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06 January 2006 @ 08:51 pm
Harry's "Golden" Birthday  
This was my entry in the hpgw_otp 's 200 Member Challenge. It also was the fic that started the Birthday Chronicles

Title: Thirty-one

Rating: R

Warnings: This story contains sexually suggestive material. If you are under the age of seventeen--or the age at which such material may be legally viewed in your locality--please do not click on the link below.

Length: ~925 words.

Summary: Happy Birthday Harry!

AN: Thanks to mickawber_fics for the most helpful of betas, as always, and for the freesia blossoms – which I stole. Also, I think I owe a bit of a nod to B and R for this story!


The water is so hot that she has to ease herself slowly down into the tub. The room is filled with steam and the scent of freesia blossoms. She leans her head back against the bath pillow and allows that unique mixture of relaxation and excitement that a hot bubble bath always produced wash over her.

The golden bubbles spill out over the edge of the tub and float up into the air, when they burst they look like a small explosion of golden fireworks and they add a subtle undercurrent of vanilla to the scents that fill the room. Ginny smiles and whispers a thank you to Fred and George for making her this special golden batch of Sparkling Scented Bath Bubble Bombs. They didn't charge her for them. "Anything for Harry," they said. Of course they asked that she tell them exactly how the product worked for her, for them. She has gotten used to being their guinea pig after all these years.

"Anything for Harry..." She smiles and slides down into the tub putting her feet up against the far end, on either side of the faucet. The air is steamy but cooler than the water. It feels like a breeze on her feet and legs, red from the heat of the bath. She closes her eyes as she trails the fingers of her left hand up and down the outside of her left thigh.

By now the golden owl she hired will have dropped the golden envelope on Harry's desk. When he opened the envelope, golden confetti will have exploded out of it. It will have danced around the entire office singing "Happy Birthday." Harry will have blushed deeply as his officemates pointed and laughed. Of course, he will have joined in the laugher after a moment and in his heart he will have loved the whole thing.

When they were younger, in those first years after the war, they always hosted huge parties for both of their birthdays. More than once some of their friends simply stayed straight on through from Harry's birthday to hers.

She shakes her head and laughs, remembering the frantic way they had grasped at life back then. It took years before they all really realized that they were likely to live past twenty-five.

It was right around Harry's twenty-fifth and her twenty-fourth birthdays when they realized that it had been months since either of them had awoken in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, sure that Tom was in the room with them. The moments of realization were different for everyone, of course, but their friends have started to find joy and satisfaction in their careers and families. Over the past few years the parties have gotten quieter, ended earlier and become much more child-friendly. Lately Harry and Ginny have even begun talking about having children of their own.

They had agreed last year that they would have a big celebration for Harry's thirtieth and a quiet, private celebration for Ginny's twenty-ninth. This year they are doing the opposite. Harry won't tell her what is planned for her birthday. She knows it will be hard for him to top the party she had organized for him last year. She loved to look at the photos of Luna popping out of that birthday cake. Only Luna could look that sexy dressed only in Butterbeer corks. Harry's face as he watched her was priceless!

The water is still steaming hot. Ginny wonders how the Muggles deal with bathwater that gets cold when it wants to rather than when they want it to. She lets her legs and feet slip back under the water just long enough to heat them up again and then props them back at the end of the tub.

After the singing confetti quieted Harry will have read the parchment enclosed in the envelope. He will know that when he comes home he will find champagne with gold flecks in it chilling in the bedroom and Ginny simmering in a bath filled with sparkly golden bubbles.

Now it is the fingers of her right hand that trail up and down the inside of her right thigh. The fingers of her left hand trace a spiral around her left breast, slowly closing in on her left nipple. She feels the nipple harden as her fingers get closer. Her right hand is tempted to move from her thigh to her sex. A small shudder passes through her body, highly sensitized by the heat of the water and scents of the room. She wants to touch herself, but she wants to save it for Harry more. She imagines her fingers are his. She sighs.

"Looks like you're having my birthday party without me."

Ginny gasps and splashes as her legs fall back in the water and she sits up. The splashing sends dozens of golden bubbles into the air, each popping with their little golden fireworks and vanilla scent. She looks at Harry in the doorway. He is naked and clearly aroused, holding the bottle of champagne and the two gold rimmed glasses she bought weeks ago just for this day.

"How long have you been standing there?"

Harry glances down at his erection, "Long enough. So, umm.... may I join you?"

Ginny looks up at Harry, the man she has loved for more than half of her life, and her heart swells with the pure joy of it, all of it, their whole life together. "Of course you may. Happy Golden Birthday, baby."